6 things girls can’t know about boys.

6 things girls can’t know about boys.

I think girls should know these things about boys because nowadays people judge boys.

1 :- They never say directly but hurt them deeply. When we fall in love with someone, we become physically and emotionally attached to it. This is because if the boys love someone, they do so more and with heart. This is why he cannot see his loved ones crying. He feels deeply sad when he sees his love in some trouble. Whenever he sees that his love is spending his time with someone else, he is still hurt. They feel sad. You get angry with us, you don’t talk to them.

2 :- If they are getting possessive for you.
This is because they give you more priority and can do anything for you and want to spend their life with you.They appreciate you and respect you. They like to spend time with you and meet you. They take care of you. if means that they are afraid to losing you.

3 :- ones they fall in love with someone it is damn challenging for them to come out for it. It means that if you love someone, you do it with all your heart and follow your heart. If you love you, don’t see anyone . They only see you and Nor think about anyone else. They only love you and they never ever forget your. they never forget your voice. They love your sole not your body.

4 :- When they are in a relationship with you they plan everything about their future including the kids name too.
This happens because we thinks that they will spend their whole life with you and will achieve your dreams with them and even think of what will you name your babies we imagine our whole future with them
We will have a home of our own we will have kids

5:- if they are truly in love with someone they don’t care about your caste, religion or society. When they love u they don’t give a damn about your caste or religion they don’t give a damn about what soceity will say they just love u they didn’t even think about your caste and religion before they fall in love with you

I don’t know what girls think about boys and even don’t know who is good and who isn’t but i do know that all boys aren’t same all girls thinking aren’t same not every boys character is same

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6 things girls can’t know about boys.

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