8 wonderful person of life.

8 wonderful person of life.

Mother – the first person to the welcome you in the world.

Our mother who gave birth to us. Who loves me so much. That takes care of us. Who saves us from every difficulty. Who can fight every problem for us.

Rather she takes care of our entire family. We are always the first priority for that.

Father – The first person to go through all the hardships just to see you smile.

Father who is our hero in our life. Sometimes angry but we love too much. Who can do anything for us.

Who go to work every day for us. Who fullfil our demands Who always make us happy.

Siblings – The first person to teach you the art of sharing and caring.

Our siblings with whom we play With whom we eat and hang out. Who live with us. Who support us in everything and we Motivate us.

Who fight with us every day and then also love. With whom we sit together and eat. Who live like our partner.

Friends – The first person who teach you how to respect people with different options and viewpoints.

The people we feel like being with you. With whom we do everything we never did. When they are unhappy, then we also feel bad and when they are happy then we are also happy.

Life Partner – The first person to make you realise the value of sacrifice and compromise.

Our life partner with whom we have to spend our whole life and with whom it is our duty to be happy.

The person with whom you share your sorrows. You can do everything for your happiness. On his smile you die.

Your Children – The first once to teach you how to be selfless and think about other before yourself.

That means everything to you. Whose happiness is your first priority. Who are responsible for you. It is your duty to fulfill your happiness and demands.

The ones you love a lot and the ones you are happy about.
The ones you can never live without.

Your Grandchildren – The first once who make you to live the life, all over again.

The person you love more than you. Whose bad deeds also make you feel good. Who are your sweethearts. Whose cry is sad for you.

Your Grandparents – The first person who teach you happyness. The person you see happy for you. Whom you indulge in and in your life you are the little moon.


8 wonderful person of life.

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