Don’t judge someone by looking at their personality.

Don’t judge someone by looking at their personality.

Hello, no i am gonna greet you why should i? Wait a sec, did you just judged me. Probably you did, probably you didn’t. But people are judging you all the time and you too are judging some people and so the cycle goes on.

Is judging a bad thing? I don’t know it depends maybe on the context. But i am sure that on some point of time you have judged someone. Let’s see what are the factors on which we judge people :


1. Appearance : of course, you see a guy with a expensive clothes, rolex watch etc. You judged him as a rich spoil brat who is rude in nature and thinks that his dad owns the world. Appearance plays a significant role when we judge people.

On the other hand, when you have to impress someone or you want someone to have a good image of you, you can use this in your favour. What is the universal dresscode of decency, formals or blazers. A well dressed man by his appearance is judged by people as decent. You got the point, right?

2. Forming a judgment based on others experiences : self explanatory, when you have a friend who talks to you about a certain guy who is rude to him, you subconsciously forms a judgment that this guy is rude to everyone.

So now without knowing the personality directly, you indirectly don’t like that person. Another example, and maybe you will relate to it, there is a certain girl your friend knows, he talks to you about how this girl is not good and she cheated on 5 guys and all. Based on this you formed a judgement, remember you directly don’t know the personality


But now she is not a good person for you anymore. And yes it turned out in the end that your friend was the one who is spreading the  rumours because he was rejected by her. Moral, 1st :  change your circle dude.
2nd : don’t form any bad image for anyone unless
You know the personality directly or sure about what happened.

3. Insecurity : now, sometimes what happens is you get insecure at some point and judge people not on something logical but to hide your insecurity. And example would be, there is a guy with your girl when you met her last weekend.

That guy is handsome, charming, smart and even single. On the other hand, you are comparatively falling short. Now to backup you falling self esteem you forms a judgment about this guy that he is after your girl and he is not a good guy and so on.

You judged him out of nowhere just to hide the fact that you are insecure. It’s just an example but if you are or ever fell in this situation dude, you are your girl’s choice. She loves you for who you are.

So it doesn’t matter how many people there are in the world. Ok, so that is it for today maybe i will write more about maybe not who knows. Have a good day. And Don’t judge because you don’t wanna be judge too dude.

Don’t judge someone by looking at their personality.

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