Like or love?

People think between like and love there is only a neligible difference but what i think is that there is a big difference between the both.
Some people thinks if we like someone we also love them. When we like¬†Someone we like everything about them(habits, talks etc) it’s like that there is a filter in our eyes that this girl/boy is perfect he has no bad sides(actually they have bad sides we just don’t know about them) but when we know their good sides and bad sides too. Accept them as who they are and still like them and respect them too i think that’s love.
I do believe that just knowing each other is not enough.

Like or love
Like or love

I heard from someone that girls see their father in their partners and as a boy i think we also see our mother in our partners. Because we love them so much and we have a habit of them we feel the most comfortable around them.

A girl is attached to their father and she wants that the way she was treated by her father and loved by her father, her partner treat her likewise. When a girl is out her father cares for her and this is not just a show you too cares for her when she doesn’t pick her phone.

You don’t know about her ups and downs or you cares for her you just say that you likes her (because of her beauty) you just wanna be physical with her it’s not love dude it’s just attraction.

Like or love
Like or love

A guy sees her mother in her partner coz mother is the one a guy loves the most. The way she cares the way she loves. We want our partner to be like our mothers. You understand each other.

You are loyal to her. You don’t cheat. Respect each other’s feelings. Respect each other’s family. You motivate each other. You help each other in problems. You trust her. You want to spend your life together. Be there for each other in ups and downs. And also wanna complete your dreams with each other.

Maybe you have different opinions than mine but i think this is love.

So if you have someone special, treasure her, cares for her. Coz in this world there are lots of people who wants you to fail.

And life is too short. So love her and be there for each other life is nothing without love.

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