No one born for me!

No one born for me Have you ever feel loneliness even when you are sitting in crowd of people ,i feel it sometimes maybe every single day i feel this lonelyness like I’m in deepspace floating all the way around feeling the emptiness and numb environment.everybody judges everyone and decides in theirs own mind to not to talk to somebody and leave that guy behind for rotten in fucking loneliness . Yeah that guy is me .i got nobody to share feeling its just me and the inner me ” soul ” talking to myself thinking all the time why i’m so lonely why she don’t give a shitt ,atleast she can pass me a good expression but no its never happens , people judges everytime even they don’t know you .but i am waiting since these years after when i realised that i’m matured and i need a female companion or i could say a “mate”. But all these years  i had never come in contact of any female  human being except my family member and teachers. I don’t even know how girls sounds like , that’s funny i know that, but i do know some rare words which comes from girls mouth and i’m very well introduced to those words beacuse these words are the only words of which help i had come in contact of girls  ,these words are very toxic and capable of destroying the romantic  fantasy of any boy that word is “bhai” ,that word is way far dangerous than freindzone , beacuse even being a freind is good and sweet relationship with girls ,because atleast she wants to talk to you may be she don’t want to have serious relationship with you but if she is calling you freind it means she enjoys your company she respects you but calling you bhai / bhaiya means she judged you already ,she don’t even want to having a conversation with you and she rejected you at that very moment when she was  calling you “bhai” and she was only calling you when its necessary like asking you to move your chair so she can walk away. i know i know girls now you are going to say that how can we call some strange boy if we don’t call him bhai / bhaiya. But here is a thing ,like we used to figure out how to call you girls beacuse we don’t want to call you “oo behen” at least i’m not going to do that so i thinks you should also figure out how to call us. Beacuse it hurts , i remembered when my crush was calling me “bhai”.


No one born for me.

Maybe its easy for you call someone “bhai”  and walk away but he could have destroyed by your toxic words. I know that you don’t want to have relationship with every random guy but at least don’t destroy my romantic fantasy , fantasy about being with you ,talking to you ,sharing feeling with you hanging out with you .its my mind if you can’t give me pleasure of love so atleat don’t spoil that fantasy of mine. Because i want to be with you ,i want to know how it feels like talking to you, that strange feeling ,that senstation . Just come closer to me talk to me for minute, i’m not saying spend your whole life with me ,just hang out with me maybe we could ending up being soulmate and best match for each others.

No one born for me.


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