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Social media by createrblogg

I have read somewhere in book that human is a social animal an me be its true and its not me who is saying that and making this all, thee is a proof , from very beginning till now this age we are inventing since beginning innovating things like telephone ,  computer , social media , smartphone to connect people specially social media Instagram , Facebook , whatsapp all that we have done just because to stay connect to each other , but now i think or i can say

That the whole world show its not working anymore or from point of view of the success of all those invention its working but in reality its not working , situation is becoming worse then before when we used to write a letter to one another and talk to each other through telephone , but now we have even better way to connect each other social media apps are installed in over smartphone every single one of you carrying that smartphone and uses the social media or i would say we are used to it , i wake up every morning and go to my collage. i watch people walking in the road and putting earphone on and chatting , using social media.

A girl was walking in front of me she was chatting too and guy behind me walking he was listening through earphone ,  i don t know how they do that watching all the time at screen tapping every single key and typing every sentence all that while walking how they even stay balance if i were doing chat while walking i could have fall on the footpath everybody doing that bending their neck watching that screen you cant escape there people are everywhere in metro, in bus they just so busy in all the social media , they dont even see us just ignoring each other chatting to beloved one , they dont even see the sky must be they dont even feel the wind of their on skin and the person sitting next to him , know a day people barely look at each other faces.

we invented all that for stay connected to each other but people are using that to ignoring to each other. i was in a bus i saw the girl was sitting with their mom and that girl just watching  that screen straight 20 min, she dont even talking to his mom, she just have looked at her and another a  was girl use chatting.

people just walks right through the garbage of plastic polythene they dont even care about how our city is getting worse than shithole look like i am the one who gives a shitt every things now i thanks that being aware is some kind of disease because they are not doing , they dont even care walking in this cool casual shoes like new yorker wearing that shirt putting earphone on carrying  smartphone walking cool fake glasses

i an not going to find you in reality anymore you are living in illusion carrying the smartphone shield ignoring real environment and liking Instagram HD photoshoped  picture and i am uploading this even when i am know that nobody i going to read to the END.


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