WWE or WWF (world wrestling entertainment) pro wrestling company


World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE is an American company that is for professional wrestling. Vince McMahon  is an owner of WWE. If I take about the WWE highest paid wrestlers brock lesner who pockets a mammoth $12 million , john cena takes $8.5 million than roman reings earning $5 million and than randy ortan, aj style , seth rollins ,the miz, the undertaker and last but not the least kevin owens.

WWE have 5 brand raw , smack down , nxt , Ecw , 2o5 live.

Raw is produced by vince McMahon ,  pohal heyman.

WWE have two television shows raw and smack down. On 25 may 2016 wwe announced a brand extension.

Now raw is go on USA network and smack down is go on FOX network. WWE draft is upcoming soon.

WWE draft result

RAW                                                                       SMACK DOWN

Seth rollins                                                                                                     brock lesnar

Becky lynch                                                                                                    roman reings

Drew mcintyre                                                                                              the new day

The o.c. Aj style                                                                                             Daniel bryan

Ricohet                                                                                                            beyley

R-truth                                                                                                             sami zayn

Randy ortan                                                                                                    Ali

Bobby lashley                                                                                                 dolph ziggler

Alexa bliss                                                                                                       robart roode

Kevin owens                                                                                                   cermella

nataliya                                                                                                            the miz

nikki cross                                                                                                        king corbin

street profits                                                                                                   Elies

rusev                                                                                                                 sasha banks

aleister black                                                                                                   lacey evans

cadric alexander                                                                                             The revival

Erick roman                                                                                                     lucha house

Jindel mahal

Rey mysterie

Titus o neil

it is interesting to see which story lines wwe create on raw and smack down.

Its all about wwe company

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