Power of love.

In my entire Life I feel many things ( positive / nagitive ) but this kind of felling is different from other. It’s amazing. It’s give you power , positive , fulfillment , sense of belonging , goodness.

falling in love is hard to explain in words but it’s something that makes you complete .  If you love someone you can do anything to everything for him/ her and sometime lose even your self respect. Psychology says you realize you love someone when you want them to be happy, even if it’s not with you.

For love we do things that we have never done before for example their is this guy who lives in my naberhod who fall in love with a girl this guy is unemployed and the girls dad perposed a condition that if he finds a good job he can marry his daughter. This was very difficult for him as he was unemployed for more than a year. His savings was almost over. But he loves her so much that he just can’t give up on her. So tried after failing 3 times he gives an interview for a job that hires skill not degree. All his hardwork paid off as he got the job and every step of his struggle the girl was there to support him to motivate him. That’s the power of love.

love gives you positive energy / motivation to do whatever you are trying to do in your Life or in your career. Because you have a person who support you mentally , socially , emotionally , physically. He/ she respects you , love you and care for you. So you too do your best to keep her happy. If you love her tell her Let me be a king then I will treat you like a queen (vice versa) let me be a queen too so that we both become equal. That’s the power of love.Dont afraid to tell why you love her

Don’t fell sad if someone rejects you people usually reject expensive things & go the cheap one.

I salute all the guys who have eyes on one girl only.

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