Truth of 21st Century.

Truth of 21st Century.

Today we are on 21st century and we are progressing so much but along with this we are also doing things which are very wrong.

1 if you don’t cheat your on partner you are not sharp and smart
In today’s time, the relationship has been made such that if you don’t cheat on your partner then you feel stupid, don’t pass the time then you are crazy. It is common to play fun with each other’s heart. It is common to make fun of each other’s feelings. It is nowadays the nature to take advantage of relationships wrong. People don’t even realize that we are playing with someone’s heart. Just do what’s right for yourself.

2 losing a phone is more painful than losing a virginity
Don’t know what happened to people, let people lose virginity, you don’t feel sad but if you lose your phone then it hurts and feels bad too. I know many people are not like that but some people do the same. Some people may think my words are bad too but this is true. They don’t realize that they are doing wrong things.

3 Where Bathroom has become photo studio.
People forgot that they were doing wrong things in the matter of earning money.  It will affect people wrongly. Children will also be affected wrongly, people think that it is an art, but it is not an art, it is a dirty habit. People click dirty photos and also post on social media. They forget that this will send a wrong message in the society.

4 Where sex is free and love is costly.
Everybody in the world finds love But only few people know. Some people do not mean with love, they just have lust. People take wrong advantage in the name of love. What is happening in our world, we cannot believe anyone.

5 Where Lies are turned into hair realities.
People lie to each other and try to hide the truth. It is wrong that someone trusts you and you are lying to break their faith. People lie in everything and they don’t even realize it’s wrong. People also lie with their mother and father. Which is very wrong.

6 Where temple/ church are turned into dating points.
Earlier couples used to date in a cinema in a park or a place like a romantic place. Today’s people dating in Temple’s or Church. They forgot that in this place we come to visit the God. People think that no one is watching but God is watching. Forget that what you can make can also be spoiled.

Truth of 21st Century.

where getting a iPhone is greater than achieving or B.S.C Degrees.

We are ahead in technology and everything. But I think we are just as fallen in humanity. We forget what is right and  what is wrong.

So I think we should pay attention to these things. And we should also think to improve our tomorrow.


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